Welcome to globaliD. By creating and using a globaliD (giD) for yourself, groups you oversee, or things you own, you become part of a stakeholder community with rights and responsibilities. The use of this software implies consent with these terms and conditions (“the rules”) of the giD community to which you now belong. That stakeholder community includes all users of the giD product, as well as giD inc. (“the Company”). You acknowledge that giD operates under a stakeholder-driven governance structure by which the rules have been created and by which these rules can be maintained or changed. You and others have a say in the governance of giD, in proportion to the amount of use (as defined and measured by the rules) on your part relative to others operating under these same rules.

First and foremost, you acknowledge that giD enables you to authorize actions such as opening an account, purchasing services, making a payment, or other activity by service providers or others that accept giD as a means of establishing identity. Those entities will enable you to authorize various actions (such as those examples listed above or other actions) based on their understanding of public attestations about your identity and qualifications. Neither the Company nor the giD product grant authorizations or attestations, but rather serve as a means for standardizing, storing, and viewing the underlying data that other parties create and use to determine whether authorization and consent are to be realized.

If for some reason you are unable to access or manage your giD, the giD rules enable others whom you designate to intervene on your behalf. Should you lose the device on which your giD is stored and need to reestablish your giD on another device, you will need the assistance of your designated representatives to do so. There is no central authority with the ability to reinstate your giD if the device you use to hold your giD is lost or stolen. Under certain circumstances, the Company may or may not (wholly at its own discretion) serve as a custodian that may or may not assist in your efforts to reauthorize your giD.

You acknowledge that to the extent that the Company is itself a stakeholder in this ecosystem, ultimately bound by the same rules and governance structure as yourself and other members, its power and responsibilities are limited. You further acknowledge that the Company itself has no ultimate control over access to and the use of any particular giD, and that these terms of use merely reflect notice of the rules and governance structure in place at the time of this writing, rather than any indication or guarantee of those parameters in the future.